My New Year’s Resolutions? To be destructive

Normally this time of year, I’m recovering from a sugar bender and thinking hopefully about all the ways I’ll change myself for the better, starting in January. A planner and to-do-lister by nature, the anticipation of January 1st — and… Continue Reading

8 self-care tips for the holidays

roaring fire

Ugh, I feel like self-care is such a buzzword these days. ¬†If you think you’ve been hearing it a lot…you have. ¬†Everything seems to count as self-care, even things like eating, sleeping, and breathing (I’m not kidding, google “self-care breathing”… Continue Reading

Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

sunday nights prepping for a healthy week

Everybody (including me!) chooses Monday to start their new, healthy life. — Starting Monday, I’m hitting the gym every day. — Starting Monday, I’m giving up soda. Even though you can start healthy habits at literally any time, Mondays are… Continue Reading