Chocolate avocado shake for avocado haters

chocolate avocado shake

I hate avocados. They suck.  They taste like grassy…nothing?  And if you cut into them too early they aren’t smooth, but if you cut too late they’re mushy and brown, ugh.  Guacamole is weird and chunky.  And people just slice… Continue Reading

Meatless Monday that doesn’t suck//chipotle-lime black beans and rice

chipotle lime black beans and rice

I’m starting to think my house runs on black beans and rice. Every grocery run I pick up more beans, and I don’t know who buys brown rice but it’s always in my pantry…like some vegan elves are enticing me… Continue Reading

Black bean and brown rice burgers (vegetarian/vegan)

black bean and brown rice burgers

Dudes and dudettes, are you wondering what to make for dinner tonight?  Do you love burgers, but hate the fat and cholesterol?  Are you on a budget, and think meat prices are crazy high?  Are you a vegan/vegetarian, wondering how… Continue Reading