8 self-care tips for the holidays

roaring fire

Ugh, I feel like self-care is such a buzzword these days.  If you think you’ve been hearing it a lot…you have.  Everything seems to count as self-care, even things like eating, sleeping, and breathing (I’m not kidding, google “self-care breathing”… Continue Reading

No such thing as guilty food

no such thing as guilty foods

One thing that has always driven me absolutely crazy is when someone (usually a woman…) refers to herself as “bad” or “good” depending on the food she’s eaten. “I was bad today and ate a cupcake.  Gotta make it up… Continue Reading

Rest and recovery don’t make you lazy!

There’s a lot of pressure to be constantly busy.  If you aren’t working 12-hour days, you’ll slip behind!  If you don’t drive your kids to ten different activities a day, you’re a bad mom!  If you don’t feel very well… Continue Reading