Origin stories: why I blog

Now feels like a good time to revisit why this blog exists. A few years ago, I sat down to read some women’s fitness magazine. Like the dozens — maybe even low hundreds — I had read before, its usefulness… Continue Reading

Reflecting on May and setting goals for June

Woooo!  May is almost over.  In my neck of the woods, that usually means we swing our attention from tornadoes to heat stroke, which I’m actually okay with.  Tornadoes are super stressful. I wanna take a few minutes and reflect… Continue Reading

Spicy fish tacos + Paloma recipe

spicy fish tacos and a paloma

Dudes.  The worst thing ever is coming home after a long day and having no plan for dinner.  Take-out is often pricey and not great for you, and frozen dinners lack that je ne sais quoi of a legit dinner.… Continue Reading

No such thing as guilty food

no such thing as guilty foods

One thing that has always driven me absolutely crazy is when someone (usually a woman…) refers to herself as “bad” or “good” depending on the food she’s eaten. “I was bad today and ate a cupcake.  Gotta make it up… Continue Reading

Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

sunday nights prepping for a healthy week

Everybody (including me!) chooses Monday to start their new, healthy life. — Starting Monday, I’m hitting the gym every day. — Starting Monday, I’m giving up soda. Even though you can start healthy habits at literally any time, Mondays are… Continue Reading