Rock-heavy music for workouts

So, popular opinion says my music preferences are trash. I’m also calling all my family and friends “popular opinion,” now. I prefer the term ~eclectic.”~ Besides, everyone loves Weird Al. The Barbie Girl song is appropriate for any occasion. “Word… Continue Reading

Origin stories: why I blog

Now feels like a good time to revisit why this blog exists. A few years ago, I sat down to read some women’s fitness magazine. Like the dozens — maybe even low hundreds — I had read before, its usefulness… Continue Reading

Half-marathon training update

Here we are, at the end of week 3! But I’m actually trying to catch up from week 2. It’s a long story. Basically, my training plan is to run three days each week, with cross-training two days and active… Continue Reading

Introduction to Half-Marathon Training

Last November, I surprised myself. The corporate health program sponsors registration fees for races throughout the year, on a first-come, first-serve basis. I received the email, with spots available for a 5K, half-marathon, full-marathon, and a relay. Instead of signing… Continue Reading

Portable lunches for taking to the gym

portable lunches for taking to the gym

Packing a healthy lunch is hard work.  All the traditional lunch choices, i.e. sandwiches, soups, and salads, get so boring after a while.  The internet teases me with posts like, “40 Salads That Are Great For Lunch!” but they all… Continue Reading

How to make morning workouts not suck

This might surprise you, but I’m a morning person. *Whispering* “Can it be? A bitchy morning person?” Yes my friends, it’s possible!  In fact, if I don’t work out pretty early, it’s just not gonna happen.  By the time I… Continue Reading