Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

sunday nights prepping for a healthy week

Everybody (including me!) chooses Monday to start their new, healthy life.

— Starting Monday, I’m hitting the gym every day.

— Starting Monday, I’m giving up soda.

Even though you can start healthy habits at literally any time, Mondays are apparently magical, and I honestly subscribe to the premise of “new week, new chances.”  So, here’s my Sunday night prepping ritual to make sure my week starts off great.

Step 1: Pour yourself a laaaaaarge drink.  Sit on your couch, stare at the wall, and sip your booze.

Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

Mmmmm, paloma.

Don’t forget the sugar rim.

Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

That’s better.

Step 2: Make your fitness plans for the week.  I like to sketch out my workouts in my planner before the week starts.  Nail down specific times, because when I make an appointment to work out, I’m less likely to skip it.  I prefer to work out in the mornings, but pick whatever time is easiest for you.

Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

Here’s my week’s goals, in my lovely Passion Planner

Step 3: Get all your workout stuff ready the night before.  If my workout is running or rowing (in my house), then I only have to set out my workout clothes and water bottle.  If my workout is at the gym, I set out my workout clothes then fill my gym bag with work clothes and toiletries for cleaning up.  Keep all your stuff in one place, so you can just grab-and-go.

Step 4: Make your meal plans for the week.  You can be detailed or bare-bones, doesn’t matter.  If it’s my week to cook, I sketch out dinner plans in advance so I can go grocery shopping Sunday morning.  If it’s not my week to cook, I still plan out breakfasts, lunches, and snacks; even if it’s just five Larabars and five cans of soup, a crappy plan is better than no plan.  If possible, prep your meals the night before so you’re not tempted to skip a meal or get pizza in the cafeteria.

Step 5: Spend an hour or more reading, watching a light show, or doing something fun.  Go to bed a little earlier, if you can.  Light your favorite candle.  Sit outside on the porch.  Lot’s of people get the Sunday Night Blues, so go out of your way to do something fun and relaxed.  There’s no point in starting off Monday tense and irritable.

Sunday night + prepping for a healthy week

My faaaaaaave candle, that I got for cheap at TJ Maxx

It’s a lot easier to stick to a meal or workout plan when you’ve put some prior thought into it, and prepped in advance.  No more trying to find your running shoes at the crack of dawn, or getting up Monday morning with nothing to eat.  Take ten minutes to focus on your health goals, and pretty soon it’ll become second nature.

What prepping tips do you use?  Tell us below!


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