Rock-heavy music for workouts

So, popular opinion says my music preferences are trash. I’m also calling all my family and friends “popular opinion,” now.

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I prefer the term ~eclectic.”~ Besides, everyone loves Weird Al. The Barbie Girl song is appropriate for any occasion. “Word Up” by Cameo is a national treasure and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. True, my playlists are loosely organized by mood instead of genre, but when was the last time you were in a “prog-rock” mood? My mood, and therefore music preferences, vary depending on the workout I’m doing.

  • Running = happy, even silly music (Blink 182, Lady Gaga)
  • Weights = badass, kinda angry music (AC/DC, Jay-Z)
  • Rowing/elliptical/etc. = rhythmic music whose tempo you can match (any reggaeton, 80’s pop, and honestly, Ke$ha)

When I go to lift weights, I like to feel powerful. Strong. Totally badass. I want to hear people kinda yelling at me. I want to daydream about being coordinated enough to play the drums. It’s much easier to get in the zone and push yourself when Seether is pumping you up. Music can be very polarizing and there’s a good chance you won’t like these songs, plus many of them have bad words, but if that doesn’t scare you, give this rock-heavy playlist a listen!

What music makes it onto your workout playlist? Check out this post for more ideas on making working out easier!


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