Origin stories: why I blog

Now feels like a good time to revisit why this blog exists.

A few years ago, I sat down to read some women’s fitness magazine. Like the dozens — maybe even low hundreds — I had read before, its usefulness was limited. It was full of really pretty pictures and really fluffy advice. If I recall, there was one workout in the entire thing. The food ideas ranged from “twelve-ingredient salads you can make in two minutes for work lunches” to “try this black garlic that you can only find in Japan on Thursdays and costs $50 and tastes like dirt.”

Beyond things that didn’t appeal to my personal tastes, many things advertised don’t apply to people outside of LA and/or the mega wealthy. I bet the citizens of Missouri would love to try surfing, or snowshoeing, or spelunking, or whatever the hell else rich people do to burn extra calories…but they can’t. Barry hasn’t moved his boot camp to Stillwater, and I’ve never even heard a southern person talk about Orange Theory.

(Is it…yoga? With…oranges?)

There I was, consuming hours of media (costing me who-knows-how-much money) that didn’t improve my life. All the magazines, and websites, and Instagram accounts did little more than make me some bitchin’ collages. And the people giving that “advice?” It’s their job to be healthy, so of course it’s a little easier for them.

You’re telling me a personal trainer can easily find time to run the stairs at lunch? The¬†guy who works 40 hours a week as a nutritionist manages to eat 5 servings of veggies everyday? No shit?

Where are stories for families with shoestring budgets and picky eaters? How about realistic exercise tips for accountants who’re stuck at a desk all day? What happens when you ignore the damn magazines and eat everything in sight on Thanksgiving, then spend the next 6 months trying desperately to lose your new 15 pounds? (Asking for a friend.)

Put simply, I couldn’t find that resource. I couldn’t find anyone who’d give it to me straight. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t airbrushed or expensive or holier-than-thou.

So I decided to become that resource.

My goal is to make that health and fitness and nutrition accessible to people. Healthy living shouldn’t be intimidating or punishing, and I believe it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to join a gym unless you want to. You don’t have to get the $90 sports bra unless you want to. You don’t have to eat kale if you don’t want to (as I type this, I’m nursing a handful of chocolate chips, so…).

I want this blog to be a source of realistic advice — no fake smiles and Photoshop here. I’m not going to give any advice, or post any recipe, or hawk any supplement unless I’ve tried it myself and think it’s useful. The ENTIRE POINT of all this is to give YOU the insight and resources to make healthy changes in your life.

You guys are the heroes. You guys are the ones making commitments and following through. You guys are the ones double-checking nutrition labels and going for walks after dinner. You guys are noticing subtle gains in strength, or that your clothes are fitting better.

I’m just here for the comic relief and (maybe?) a touch of inspiration. So tell me in the comments, what’s your origin story? What brings you here today?


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