Half-marathon training update

Here we are, at the end of week 3!

But I’m actually trying to catch up from week 2. It’s a long story.

Basically, my training plan is to run three days each week, with cross-training two days and active rest two days. The first five runs in my plan are for two miles each time, with the Saturday on the second week being three miles.  (Saturdays are the “long run” days, where I work on building endurance and stamina, and the mileage increases pretty substantially over time.) So there I was, showering and getting ready for my Saturday, with a three mile run planned for the afternoon.

My elbow hit a shampoo bottle.

And it fell on my toe.

It was the sharpest, most intense pain I’ve felt in a loooooong time. 

half marathon training update

The bottle had hit my toenail juuuust right and cracked it near the base. It hurt like a MF. I hobbled out of the shower, rinsed off the blood, put a Band-Aid on, waited a half hour, put a NEW Band-Aid on, and proceeded to limp around all day. It was ridiculous. Needless to say, my run was cancelled. By Monday the swelling had gone down and the nail looked okay (seriously, where did all that blood come from?) but I was in no mood to run.  I figured I’d switch Monday’s run for Tuesday’s cross-training.

And then on Tuesday, I was mildly crushed by a filing (falling? hah!) cabinet.

It was a stupid thing to do, and now I had stupid injuries to show for it. Bruises have started appearing on my stomach, upper arm, both knees, and elbow, in addition to a big scrape (elbow) and what feels like a slight pulled muscle (shoulder, hamstring). Despite the whole situation being, well, pretty funny, to say I’m sore is a wacky understatement.


This all means that I’ve missed three runs, for a total of eight miles. UGH. To make up the miles, I will adjust my running schedule until I’m all caught up. Instead of:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Rest Run Strength Cross-train Run Rest Long Run

I’ll do this:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Rest Makeup Run Makeup Run Rest Makeup Run Run Long Run-normal schedule

So really, it should only take a week or so to catch back up. I’m still running fewer than four miles each time, so the back-to-back running shouldn’t be too much of a stress on my body. Just to make sure I’m well rested and recovered, I’m making stretching and foam rolling a big priority this next week.

Wow, what a weird progress update! Despite some minor, stupid setbacks I’m just as motivated as ever. Not gonna lie, a great way to stick to a goal is to have the WHOLE ENTIRE FREAKING INTERNET hold you accountable. No pressure, guys!

Have you set any recent goals? How are you making progress? Give me your success stories, your failure stories, your dumb injury stories in the comments below!


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