My New Year’s Resolutions? To be destructive

Normally this time of year, I’m recovering from a sugar bender and thinking hopefully about all the ways I’ll change myself for the better, starting in January. A planner and to-do-lister by nature, the anticipation of January 1st — and… Continue Reading

Gift Guide: Family Edition

holiday gift guide for family

So, ’tis the season for gift guides: perfectly curated lists from tastemakers and influencers, trying to make your holiday shopping just a liiiiiiiittle easier. Not wanting to feel left out, I’ve created my own, Slacker-inspired gift guide that’ll simplify your… Continue Reading

8 self-care tips for the holidays

roaring fire

Ugh, I feel like self-care is such a buzzword these days.  If you think you’ve been hearing it a lot…you have.  Everything seems to count as self-care, even things like eating, sleeping, and breathing (I’m not kidding, google “self-care breathing”… Continue Reading

Reflecting on May and setting goals for June

Woooo!  May is almost over.  In my neck of the woods, that usually means we swing our attention from tornadoes to heat stroke, which I’m actually okay with.  Tornadoes are super stressful. I wanna take a few minutes and reflect… Continue Reading

Caprese Bites recipe//pruning basil plants

caprese bites

Every gardening guide I’ve ever seen has recommended basil, and for good reason.  It loves full sun (so you won’t accidentally scorch it), it’s hard to kill, there’s a ton of varieties, and best of all, it tastes amazing.  I… Continue Reading

Using plants to brighten up your space

work-friendly plants

You’ve probably heard this before, but get a plant.  They really do clean the air, and they literally add life to your space.  I take time every day to water them, check their leaves, and put them in the sun. … Continue Reading