About Me

So there I was, eating chocolate cake and drinking red wine, when I thought, “hey, you seem qualified to start a health and wellness website.”  When my dog didn’t disagree with me, I knew I had a great idea.

Just like many of you, I’m trying to live a healthier life.  However, I also live in reality, and don’t have hours to craft fifteen-ingredient detox smoothies or perfect my Warrior Pose for an Instagram shot.  I’m not airbrushed.  I don’t subscribe to restrictive diets.  I don’t live in a huge city with boutique fitness classes for $80 a pop.  I don’t have washboard abs and perfect skin.

The best picture I've ever taken.

The best picture I’ve ever taken.

What I do have is motivation to be stronger, faster, and fitter; to eat healthy, delicious food that doesn’t cost a fortune, and to share my outlook with anyone who could benefit or at least be entertained.

I also have a job that I love, a wonderful partner and family, dogs that bark all damn day, and a good sense of humor.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, follow my blog and social media for workouts, recipes, rants, raves, and my perspective on the world of health and wellness.  Thanks for reading!