Meal Prep 101

Meal prep can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. I see people moaning and groaning about the work involved, or the fridge space, or getting bored of eating the same things all the time. Well, those people are totally right, but don’t forget all the benefits of meal prep! With a few hours on the weekend set aside to cooking, you can have an entire week’s worth of lunches (and/or breakfasts, dinners, and snacks) DONE.

Stuck late at work on Tuesday? No problem, because dinner is already DONE. Feeling tempted by the vending machine? Not today, snacks are DONE. Usually skip breakfast because it’s not worth the effort? Too bad because breakfast is DONE.

meal prep breakfast quiche

This quiche is six breakfasts!

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Introduction to Half-Marathon Training

Last November, I surprised myself.

The corporate health program sponsors registration fees for races throughout the year, on a first-come, first-serve basis. I received the email, with spots available for a 5K, half-marathon, full-marathon, and a relay. Instead of signing up for the 5K, I clicked the half-marathon. And continued on through with the registration, half-marathon selected, knowing full well what I was doing.

I clicked submit. Oh my.

In what may have been temporary insanity, I signed myself up for 4 months of training so I can run 13.1 miles with a bunch of strangers. That said, I don’t regret it. In fact, I’m getting more excited each day. However, I’ve had to get my ass in gear. The plan: Continue Reading

My New Year’s Resolutions? To be destructive

Normally this time of year, I’m recovering from a sugar bender and thinking hopefully about all the ways I’ll change myself for the better, starting in January. A planner and to-do-lister by nature, the anticipation of January 1st — and all the nice resolutions I’ll plan — tops that of Christmas Eve to my 9-year-old self (although if I get surprised with dinosaur toys on New Year’s, I guess they’ll be even).

This time around, things feel…different.

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Work Woes: Compensation & productivity

A big, huge, gigantic part of my life is my job. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time getting ready for work, driving to work, driving from work, thinking about work, dreading work, not to mention actually doing work. Having such a large part of my life unrepresented on the site feels odd, especially since it’s a major factor in my health and wellness. For me, workplace woes make up much of my mental health concerns, so I added a new category for this.

I’d like to think this new section will have tips on productivity, creativity, self-care, setting goals and then crushing them…but right this second, I’m gonna use it for bitching.

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Gift Guide: Family Edition

holiday gift guide for family

So, ’tis the season for gift guides: perfectly curated lists from tastemakers and influencers, trying to make your holiday shopping just a liiiiiiiittle easier. Not wanting to feel left out, I’ve created my own, Slacker-inspired gift guide that’ll simplify your life and make the recipients swoon.

Just kidding. I’m the world’s crappiest gift-giver.

That said, I try really hard every year to find thoughtful gifts…but usually procrastinate, then panic, and before I know it I’m frantically shoving 37 scarves into 37 bags to give the 37 special people in my life different versions of the same exact gift. Almost worse, I’ll occasionally find The One Perfect Gift™ for a single person, and then feel extra guilty that the other 36 presents are a bit generic.

So despite the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve poured into making this gift guide…maybe use it as a last resort, mmkay?


Philosophy Amazing Grace whipped body creme

This smells amaaaaaaaazing, and it’s great for dry winter skin.

Mom: She’s your amazing grace, right? (Just pretend that makes sense, thanks.)


Breakfast sandwich maker holiday gift

Just look at this bad boy!

Dad: An all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker? Hells yeah.

brother sewing machine holiday gift

This is especially great if he failed Home Ec.

Brother: Get your bro a Brother sewing machine! Get it?! He’ll love the pun! You’re so funny!

sister act and sister act 2 dvd holiday gift

Get it, “sister?” Another pun! I’m on a roll!

Sister: Give your sister the gift of Whoopi…wait…what? Never mind. Forget I said anything.

retro red boombox holiday gift

This boombox is pretty sexy, not gonna lie.

Grandparents: Go retro, and give your grandparents a sleek boombox, complete with CDs you’ve burned of all their old-timey favorites.

Waylon Jennings, anyone? (For real though, this can be a really sweet, low-tech gift and it’s got that “homemade” touch.)

blue dinosaur desk lamp holiday gift

If your kid doesn’t like dinosaurs you’re doing something wrong.

Nieces/nephews: I don’t care how old your nieces and/or nephews are, every kid loves dinosaurs. They’ll sleep tight with this bitchin’ dino light.

cardiology for kids book holiday gift

If your kid looks like a smarty pants, you look like a smarty pants.

Kids: It’s never too early to prep your kids for med school, or at the very least start grooming a top-notch pub trivia partner.

gray futon gift guide

Classic design, clean lines: the perfect place to plan an amazing gift for that special someone without consulting a crappy gift guide made by a crazy person.

Partner: if you’re coming to me, the world’s worst gift giver, looking for a present for your romantic partner…you’re SOL. In the doghouse. So, here’s a nice sleeper sofa for your future nights spent on the couch.

Chocolate avocado shake for avocado haters

chocolate avocado shake

I hate avocados.

They suck.  They taste like grassy…nothing?  And if you cut into them too early they aren’t smooth, but if you cut too late they’re mushy and brown, ugh.  Guacamole is weird and chunky.  And people just slice avocados up and put them on toast?  Plain toast???  Like ANIMALS???

So like a total maniac I bought an avocado at the store last week.

fresh avocado

Mmmmm, sludge. (I’m not doing very well selling this, I can feel it.)

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