8 self-care tips for the holidays

roaring fire

Ugh, I feel like self-care is such a buzzword these days.  If you think you’ve been hearing it a lot…you have.  Everything seems to count as self-care, even things like eating, sleeping, and breathing (I’m not kidding, google “self-care breathing”… Continue Reading

Back in black

I wish I could say there have been no posts because I was climbing Everest, or doing a technology cleanse, or had to go underground while saving the world, Mission Impossible-style.  Instead, blogging the last four months has been more… Continue Reading

No such thing as guilty foods

no such thing as guilty foods

One thing that has always driven me absolutely crazy is when someone (usually a woman…) refers to herself as “bad” or “good” depending on the food she’s eaten. “I was bad today and ate a cupcake.  Gotta make it up… Continue Reading

Taking it easy

There’s a lot of pressure to be constantly busy.  If you aren’t working 12-hour days, you’ll slip behind!  If you don’t drive your kids to ten different activities a day, you’re a bad mom!  If you don’t feel very well… Continue Reading