Reflecting on May and setting goals for June

Woooo!  May is almost over.  In my neck of the woods, that usually means we swing our attention from tornadoes to heat stroke, which I’m actually okay with.  Tornadoes are super stressful. I wanna take a few minutes and reflect… Continue Reading

How to make morning workouts not suck

This might surprise you, but I’m a morning person. *Whispering* “Can it be? A bitchy morning person?” Yes my friends, it’s possible!  In fact, if I don’t work out pretty early, it’s just not gonna happen.  By the time I… Continue Reading

Rugged Maniac Obstacle Course 5k

Rugged Maniac 5k obstacle course

Like many of you, I suffer from a lack of intrinsic motivation.  Half my brain says, “eat a kale salad before your arteries completely solidify,” while the other half of my brain is like One “trick” I use to keep myself… Continue Reading

So I tried…kickboxing

bruised knuckles kickboxing

Have you ever found a hobby that you just looooved so much that you never did it again?  I kinda did that with my blog.  A day off from writing turned into like, ten years.  Oops.  Well I’m back bitches,… Continue Reading

Week in Review

week of workouts

So last time, I was using Daylight Savings as my excuse for not exercising, which was pretty valid as it slammed me hard.  This last week…I have no excuse.  Just lazy.  It happens. Thankfully, I picked up speed mid-week, largely… Continue Reading

Week in review

week of workouts

Daylight Savings totally kicked my ass, so this last week I was a bit of a slug.  Despite having good intentions, I only had one formal workout because waking up early was NOT an option this week.  On days I… Continue Reading