Back in black

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I wish I could say there have been no posts because I was climbing Everest, or doing a technology cleanse, or had to go underground while saving the world, Mission Impossible-style.  Instead, blogging the last four months has been more like this:

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Between planning a wedding, having a bit of summertime sadness, and being good-old-fashioned lazy, posting about stuff just didn’t happen. Plus, it was hella hot outside.  Bleh.

But…here we are at the start of fall, which is also the start of race season for people who live in hot states.  I’ve got 5ks, bike rides, and a regatta coming up quickly, and I’m excited to share that with you!

I’ve also got recipes for fall soups, portable lunches for time-crunched days, and a (slightly) healthier option for when you’re craving pizza.

Not to mention my wedding, my dogs, and my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!!!!  October is bout to be poppin.

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Long story short…I missed you guys.  Let’s do lunch sometime.


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